Chrome and Firefox Updated Security Alerts for HTTP Pages

If your website address starts with HTTP rather than HTTPS, the site is not served (or is not properly served) on SSL. The latest version of Chrome (version 62, released on 17th October 2017) and Firefox (version 51) will show a “Not Secure” security alert on the address bar for all websites that contain forms and based on HTTP. The results directly affect the visitors’ confidence,  conversions, and revenue on the site.

Also, the non-SSL website will directly affect SEO and Google Search Engine rankings. So that the decline in pageview and the implementation of the campaign to reduce the effectiveness. You must contact your website manager as soon as possible to ensure your website served via HTTPS.

What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

  • HTTPS is a more secure internet protocol than HTTP.
  • Information exchanged between visitors and HTTPS website is securely encrypted and is private.

Should I get an SSL?

We would certainly recommend it, Google Chrome has by far the largest market share of browsers. In addition Google search engine has for quite some time given preference to sites with SSL in their rankings.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

Please contact us to discuss getting an SSL on your website.